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Mazak delivering more performance and value to Alford Hydraulics

Dubbo based Alford Hydraulics have just taken delivery of a new Mazak VCN-530C, expanding their already impressive Mazak fleet.

Mazak VCN 530C for Alford Hydraulics

Alford Hydraulics has been manufacturing high quality and reliable hydraulic cylinders, for agricultural, mobile and industrial applications for around 40 years.

The Alford range of hydraulic cylinders are made to ASAE standards, and are renowned for working harder and longer, just like the Mazaks used to manufacture them.

The Mazak VCN-530C vertical machining center brings advanced technology, performance and value to a wide variety of metalworking applications. It is designed to process large parts or multiple small workpieces in single machine setups.

A wide range of spindle options give manufacturers what they need to achieve an effective balance of speed and torque for their particular machining needs and workpiece materials.

Also contributing to the 3-axis machine’s productivity are a fast traverse rate of 1,654 ipm in the X, Y and Z axes and a servo-driven automatic tool changer that can be combined with a 60-tool magazine option to bring even more part processing versatility through fast tool exchanges and continuous cutting operation.

The user-friendly SmoothG CNC featured on the machine offers EIA/ISO programming as well as conversational programming that makes it easy to generate programs for angled drilling, milling or tapping operations.

Alford Hydraulics’ manufacturing capability is set to grow again in August this year when they take delivery of another new Mazak. Stay tuned for that story.

Unboxing the Mazak VCN 530C at Alford Hydraulics

Mazak VCN 530C being craned in at Alford Hydraulics