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OPEN MIND Releases hyperMILL 2021.1

The new hyperMILL release 2021.1 is out now and offers numerous new functions and new strategies that will simplify and speed up your daily tasks.

hyperMILL 2021.1 - Interactive Toolpath Edit
The new “Interactive mode” in the “Edit Toolpath” job allows the user to edit existing toolpaths very flexibly, and so adapt them optimally to the component conditions. The intuitive operation makes it easy to trim the toolpath, for example, at selected points and curves, in a specific area, or on a plane.


hyperMILL 2021.1 - 3D Optimized Roughing
A few updates in this strategie are available. For example with the HPC option the use of the function “Maximum step height” allows a continuous allowance to be achieved, even with a large axial infeed. Also Plunge points can now be defined for machining and circular movements can be posted as G2/G3 movements in the NC-Code.


hyperMILL 2021.1 - 3D Profile Finishing
The “XY Optimization” command has been added to machining with the X or Y axis infeed strategies. If, for example, an area cannot be optimally machined in the X-orientation, it is automatically machined in the Y-orientation in order to maintain a constant infeed. The “Smooth overlap” command ensures that these areas are machined seamlessly.


hyperMILL 2021.1 - 5-axis Radial Machining
This new strategy allows bottle shapes to be programmed very easily and high-quality surfaces to be generated. Thanks to a new, radial projection method, the toolpaths are calculated very quickly, and the user can use various machining strategies to respond flexibly to the existing component conditions.


hyperMILL 2021.1 - SIMULATION Center
Version 2021.1 provides a new, more powerful machine simulation for turning and milling operations. This means faster simulation, independent collision checking, and extensive analysis functions in an intuitive operating environment.


hyperMILL 2021.1 - 3-axis Simultaneous HPC Turning
To combine all the advantages of HPC turning and simultaneous turning, the high-performance mode has been integrated into 3-axis Simultaneous Roughing. This makes it very easy to use high-performance toolpaths with optimized approach and retract movements during simultaneous turning. Simultaneous roughing is enhanced with the advantages of HPC turning at the push of a button, so combining both technologies with maximum user-friendliness.

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