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What’s new in hyperMILL 2020.1

hyperMILL 2020.1 offers many innovations in all areas. General improvements in the new version increase usability and the performance of programming.

Efficient processing of rest material in corners is ensured by the new 3D and 5-Axis Corner Rest Machining. With the hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center users can realize small automation tasks themselves. A new strategy for the machining of turbine blades with conical barrel cutters increases efficency significantly.


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What's new in hyperMill 2020.1?





Split Job

toolpath split after time

hyperMILL now makes it possible to automatically split toolpaths according to a range of criteria. This makes it possible to easily change tools after a defined period of time or toolpath length, for example. Particularly in the case of materials that are difficult to machine, this provides optimal control over the tool life, making it possible to change inserts or switch in a sister tool, for example.
This function makes it unnecessary to manually edit the toolpath. Repeatability is guaranteed, even if the initial job is changed.
This function is available in all 3D and 5-axis cavity strategies.

Benefit: Increased process reliability.

Slot-Rib Probing

probing slot ridge

A new strategy makes it possible to measure slots and ribs using the familiar technology parameters. The area to be measured is defined by a simple contour selection. The strategy automatically determines the optimal measuring point.

Benefit: Improved probing functions.

3D Optimized Roughing

3d 5 axis corner rest machining

High-performance mode* is now also available in this strategy. The strategy also offers improved area sorting, resulting in fewer retractions. Areas in which a collision occurs are specifically excluded. In doing so, the collision check considers the tool including the shaft, extensions, and tool holder.

Benefit: HPC roughing is supported.

*High-performance mode supports the familiar hyperMILL MAXX Machining technology for roughing. This generates spiral and trochoidal toolpaths and optimizes machining. High-performance cutting (HPC) is characterized by a very high stock removal rate.

3D Profile Finishing

3d profile finishing surface extension

Two new functions are available:

Automatic face extension
During programming, the ‘Automatic face extension’ function can be used to extend the circumference of selected milling surfaces. This CAD-for-CAM function eliminates the need to modify the milling faces in the CAD system beforehand.

Free tool geometry
Free tool geometry can now be used in 3D profile finishing. This makes it possible to use any tool types, such as high-feed cutters for example, for highly detailed programming and collision control.

Benefit: Increased user-friendliness, use of free tool geometries.

3D- and 5-axis Corner Rest Machining

3d 5 axis corner rest machining

This strategy merges optimized toolpaths for high-performance rest material removal in corners. Parallel and Z-level toolpaths ensure efficient rest machining. Optimized machining of floor areas is also possible. This means that the best method is applied in every situation.

5-axis Corner Rest Machining makes indexed machining of difficult to reach corners possible. Automatic inclination selection, simultaneous linking movements, and collision avoidance are available in this process.

Benefit: Efficient rest material machining.

Additive Manufacturing – It’s Only Truly Perfect with CAD/CAM

additive isogrid full prototype

hyperMILL ADDITIVE Manufacturing is a powerful solution for additive manufacturing and helps to take full advantage of this new and growing technology. It allows you to perfectly and flexibly control additive processes, and on many machines to control both additive and subtractive processes. Two methods have become established in the field of additive manufacturing – for Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) OPEN MIND is the ideal solution provider with its CAD/CAM software which optimally integrates into the process chain to post-process printed parts. hyperMILL® ADDITIVE Manufacturing actively controls the material application of the Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process and thereby ensures optimal results.


  • Flexible strategy for additive material application
  • Various filling strategies for planes as well as free-form shapes
  • Filling strategies for 2D and 3D sections
  • 5-axis simultaneous application with optimal tilt strategies
  • Full simulation of additive and subtractive processes, including material deposition
  • One postprocessor for milling and/or additive processes
  • CAD interface to all common CAD systems
  • High level of laser configurability via technology parameters in the tool database
5-axis Blade Tangent Milling

5 axis blade tangent milling

This new strategy facilitates top milling of turbine blades using conical barrel cutters with a large conical angle. As a result, higher feedrates remain possible, while avoiding center-cutting. Large step-overs are possible with the conical barrel cutter and provide a fine surface finish.

Benefit: Increased efficiency, improved surface quality.

Automatic Contour Feature Splitting

3d 5 axis corner rest machining

hyperMILL jobs automatically determine the area to be machined based on the turning contour. The grooving job will automatically recognize if a contour is a groove, for example. This makes it faster and easier for the user to program certain areas.

Benefit: Simplified programming.


automation center en

The new hyperMILL 2020.1 version allows users to automate joblist creation processes using the hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center.

The hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center is the foundation for further automation, and serves as both a development and runtime environment. This makes it possible to standardize and automate complex process workflows in hyperCAD-S and hyperMILL. The hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center provides the toolkit for OPEN MIND’s internal experts to provide comprehensive process automation, and is also available for end-users in a basic version.

The first expansion is included in hyperMILL by default.* This allows you to automate the joblist creation process and the selection and positioning of the clamping device, as well as define a uniform process for all programmers. Users are also able to use standardized clamping devices during programming.

*Only available for hyperMILL in hyperCAD-S.


  • Comprehensive template functions
  • Individually configurable
  • Extended stock model options
  • Clamping device management
  • Documentation options for individual processes
hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining Optimizer

virtual machining optimizer linking

The Optimizer offers improved performance for automatic solution selection and the calculation time during the postprocessor run. In addition, settings for the preferred direction control and collision avoidance may be defined in each individual hyperMILL job. This makes it possible to override the global settings in the machine definition.

The new ‘Smooth linking’ function automatically optimizes all linking movements between the individual operations during the postprocessor run. This ensures that repositioning and movement is always in close proximity to the workpiece and checked for collisions. Thanks to this function, programming using job linking is not necessary in hyperMILL.

Benefit: Significant reduction in auxiliary processing times.