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What’s new in hyperMILL 2019.2

hyperMILL 2019.2 offers many innovations in all areas.

These new features include increased surface precision during milling and improved turning strategies. A new model for 5-axis Tangent Machining enables a perfect milling result across multiple surfaces with different ISO orientations. The tool life monitoring in High Performance Turning guarantees a secure turning process.


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What's new in hyperMill 2019.2?





Changing the job list name and comments

Thanks to an improvement made to the job list management, it is now possible to modify the job list name and comments without having to subsequently recalculate the project. The new or modi-fied comments are used and output directly in the NC file or in the report.

Benefits: reduced programming time.

3D Shape Z-level Finishing

hypermill 2019 2 3d shape z level finishing

Two new functions facilitate optimized machining:

  • The ‘High precision surface mode’ option ensures ultra-smooth surfaces with tolerance in the µm range.
  • The toolpaths are trimmed automatically in undercut situations in surface mode with extended milling surfaces. When surfaces without extensions or bounding curves are used, the toolpath trim function can be activated manually.

Benefits: More efficient machining, better surface quality.

5-axis Tangent Machining

hypermill 2019 2 5 axis tangent machining

The hyperCAD-S ‘Global fitting’ function has been integrated directly into the CAM strategy. In ‘Global drive shape’ mode, a surface with defined ISO orientation is automatically generated and used for the toolpath calculation when multiple milling sur-faces are selected. The orientation in U and V can also be defined here. The ‘Offset curve’ option is also available to allow toolpath guidance along a curve. Optical feedback, which includes the tool, global surface, and infeeds, makes this strategy even more user-friendly.

Benefits: Simplified programming.

High Performance Turning

hypermill 2019 2 high performance turning

Tool life monitoring has been added to High Performance Turning. Machining is interrupted after a certain distance has been covered, after a specific time, or after a specified number of tool-paths. If the defined limit is reached, a retract macro is generated automatically and the job ends.

Benefits: Increased process reliability, simplified use of sister tools.