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Latest generation of Fanuc robots for our Agile Flex machine tool loading systems

We have just taken delivery of several new generation Fanuc M-20iD35 and Fanuc M-10iD12 robots for use in the production of Agile Flex machine tool loading systems.


Both Fanuc robots feature hollow wrists and have all utilities neatly contained within the arm so that dress-out issues like snagging, tearing and rubbing are a thing of the past. Featuring advanced servo technology, the Fanuc M-20iD35’s faster pick and place cycles increase throughput on payloads of up to 35 kg, while the superlative axis speeds and acceleration make the Fanuc M-10iD12 ideal for loading and unloading operations of payloads up to 12 kg.

These latest generation Fanuc robots will be used in the production of Agile Flex machine tool loading systems we are preparing to ship to our aerospace manufacturing customers in upstate New York and northern Ohio, as well as our Australian customers including hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Queensland and Western Australia, and a precision manufacturing operation in Queensland.

Additional Flex units are also being produced for stock in both our Erlanger, Kentucky and Australian offices.

Like these customers, you too could benefit from automated machine tending.

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