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Fanuc America YouTube Channel features CellPro CNC Machine Tending

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Pre-engineered Robotic CNC Machine Tending: CellPro Modular Robotic System - John Hart

FANUC America Authorized System Integrator John Hart USA introduces the CellPro Modular Robotic System. This pre-engineered CNC machine tending system utilizes a state-of-the-art user interface, machine tending robots from FANUC, and a variety of functions and features designed to provide manufacturers with an intuitive, easy to use solution for CNC machine tending.

CellPro’s visually rich and intuitive user interface makes system setup a snap, taking the complication out of CNC automation with no robot programming knowledge or experience required.

With CellPro Process Builder, simply drag and drop process modules from the available list into the CellPro Process Builder, and a step-by-step wizard guides the user through the rest of the setup.

CellPro’s user interface can also display screens from the CNC machine tool, allowing for continuous, uninterrupted production with the ability to enter vital tool wear offset information without entering the safety enclosure and stopping the system. Additionally, CellPro can be easily configured to display live quality control and production statistics in real time, allowing for quick error diagnosis and production progress reporting.

The CellPro system makes it easier than ever to automate one or more machine tools in your job shop. Configuration starts with the parts to be machined and your machine tool, which are then matched to an industrial robot from FANUC based on payload requirements, end of arm tooling, then part feed and quality control options.

CellPro can be configured with any late model machine tool and any FANUC robot. From the compact FANUC LR Mate to the heavy duty FANUC R-2000i Series Robot, no job is too big or too small with CellPro paired with a highly reliable and highly efficient FANUC robot for automated machine tending. See how easily CellPro can transform your production capacity and profitability. Visit FANUC America Authorized System Integrator John Hart, today, at