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Fanuc Controller R-30iB

The Fanuc R-30iB controller is compact and equipped with the iPendant Touch – for increased user-friendliness, minimum energy consumption and maximum productivity.

Fanuc R 30iB

The R-30iB has been specially developed combining a new generation of advanced technology with the enhanced integrated FANUC iRVision (2D and 3D) maximising the overall functionality, reliability and operability.

Space saving stackable design

R-30iB controller space saving design (500 x 600 x 470 mm), overall volume reduced by 68% from the previous controller, for multi-robot installations the controllers can be stacked to maximise floor space utilisation.

Smart iPendant Touch

Providing easier operation higher communication speeds and superior graphic performance with the unique 4D graphic function. The unit is 10% lighter and consumes 10% less energy. The iPendant Touch has fully customisable screen functions and a range of special function keys.

Maximum energy saving

The Fanuc Energy Saving Module help minimise power consumption, other features include external power off/on, cooling fan auto stop, enhanced break control and low energy iPendant Touch. Intelligent power optimisation and improved energy efficiency gives a better bottom line for your business.

Maximum productivity

Benefit from reduced cycle times using smart robot arm vibration control, intelligent motion optimisation, advanced dual check safety, enhanced break release, servo re-set handling processing time
and optional Learning Vibration Control (LVC).