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Fanuc M-1iA high speed robot

The Fanuc M-1iA is a lightweight and compact six axis, parallel-link robot designed for small part handling, high-speed picking and assembly in a wide range of industries such as food, medical, pharmaceutical and plastic moulding.

Fanuc M1iA

The unique parallel-link structure provides higher speed, accuracy and flexibility that far exceed the capabilities of other vertically-articulated or SCARA type robots.

The Fanuc M-1iA can be installed in a variety of orientations, and has a three axis wrist, providing flexibility that can be applied to the assembly of small parts that require a dextrous touch. The M-1iA is also offered in a 4 axis variant for simple pick-and-place operations, the single axis wrist offers speeds of up to 3000 deg/sec.

With John Hart’s intimate knowledge of robotic system design and implementation, the M-1iA can increase the production and lower costs of both large and small production facilities that require higher speed packing or assembly.

The M-1iA offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Lightweight (17kg, 6-axis model), compact size allows operation in small spaces
  • Six-axis design allows parts feed from the sides of the work zone, increasing the usable work space
  • Multiple installation orientation accommodate a wide range of work areas
  • Unique parallel-link design maximises speed and throughput
  • Can be separated form it’s stand to allow easy machine integration
  • A camera for iRVision can be integrated inside the robot
  • New R-30iA mate rack-style controller offers intelligent functions
  • Collision guard detects robot collisions with external objects, minimizing damage to the parts and the robot
  • Robot link controls and coordinates up to ten robots through a network exchange of robot positional information