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Ballbar testing and calibration for your CNC machine

Take the guesswork out of the capabilities and performance of your CNC machine tool.

Even with the latest machine tool models and the greatest operators, machine derived defects can occur, costing you time, money and possibly your reputation.

Manufacturing defects can result from bad tooling, worn spindles or workpiece clamping, but can also be attributed to positioning errors in the machine tool itself, the result of geometric, dynamic and play errors within the machine.

These issues can be easily eliminated, and accurate parts production can occur with confidence, by simply understanding the condition of your machine tool.

Understand the true capabilities and performance of your machine tool
Achieve manufacturing tolerances
Reduce and avoid scrap
Reduce rework and time-consuming set up and inspection processes
Reduce component costs
Increase capacity
Demonstrate your confidence and capability to your customers
Evaluate machines prior to purchase
Identify problems quickly without the need to strip down machines
Evaluate repair strategies and their results before you start
Implement preventive maintenance programs by regularly tracking a machine's performance
Comply with standards for quality management
Equipment calibrations traceable to national standards


John Hart can perform a comprehensive diagnostic test and report utilising the Renishaw QC20-W wireless ballbar system, and make calibration adjustments to improve the geometric performance of your CNC machine tool.

QC20-W ballbar testing provides a quick and powerful assessment of a machine's performance to identify areas where remedial action may be required.
We test your machine tool by performing two consecutive circular arcs (clockwise and counter- clockwise) in any one of the machines test planes (XY, YZ, ZX) using the QC20-W ballbar to accurately measure any variations in the test circle radius traced by the machine during the test.

Software then analyses the measured data, in accordance with various international standards, to produce a comprehensive diagnostic report giving an overall assessment of machine performance (circularity) but in addition providing an automatic diagnosis of up to 15 specific machine positioning errors. Each error is ranked according to its significance to overall machine performance alongside the error value.

If you need to assess and improve the performance of your machine tool, or introduce a preventive maintenance program, please contact us now.