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Losma Air and Coolant Filtration for Machine Tools

John Hart is Losma’s Australian sales partner for their range of machine tool filtration systems.

Losma has been designing and building filtration systems for machine tools since 1974 and is certified to ISO 9001:2008. It is the only company to offer a truly comprehensive service to resolve all contamination problems in the industrial workplace and it is the only one with consolidated know-how of both oil mist collection and liquid coolant filtration.


Losma centrifugal, static or electrostatic air filtration systems are able to catch gas particles with the dimensions of a drop up to micro-mists and smokes with a filtration efficiency of 99,95%. Air flows may vary from a few cube metres per single machine installations to thousands of cube metres for centralized systems. Removing mists and vapours created from soluble or neat oil, Losma air filters can save money and improve the working environment by protecting employee health.

Losma filtration systems for coolant and liquids are able to remove metallic particles up to 1 micron. Capacities vary from a few litres per minute for single machine installation to hundreds of litres per minute for centralized systems. From simple cloth filters for use with a small machine tool to sophisticated plant-wide coolant recovery systems, Losma ‘s machine tool coolant filtration systems clean and recover valuable cutting fluids, extend the life of expensive machines and tools, and improve overall part quality.

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