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Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide Technology

As Mazak’s Next Generation of Integrated Machine Guide Technology, the MX Hybrid Roller Guide System delivers levels of accuracy, reliability and durability superior to those of solid box-way and linear guide systems.

Mazak Roller Guide 

The MX Hybrid Roller Guide System incorporates a special “X-Design” that efficiently distributes load in four directions – radial (clockwise and counterclockwise), reverse radial and lateral. For the best combination of consistent performance, accuracy and rigidity, the X-Design reduces reversal errors for unmatched cornering and provides more surface contact than balls, yet with less friction than slides.

Durability of the MX Hybrid Roller Guide System comes from the fact that it offers an unparalleled level of vibration dampening capability, resulting in extended tool life. The system also handles heavy load capacities because there is less elastic deformation with rollers, consumes minimal amounts of oil for “Greener” operation and allows better coolant life. It also extends machine life considerably and is practically maintenance free.