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Mazak's Eco Vision

Mazak's Go Green Eco-friendly manufacturing vision towards a sustainable future.


Mazak's approach to decarbonisation

Mazak has positioned the environment as one of its important management issues in order to achieve a carbon-free society and is promoting "Mazak Go Green" - an activity aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions throughout the product life cycle, from product development, customer use and disposal process.

Mazak aims to develop energy-saving technology by analysing data collected from our products installed in our Mazak iSMART Factory. Using this expertise, Mazak will continue to develop energy efficient products to contribute to decarbonisation in the customer's factory.


By 2030, Mazak will achieve a 50% reduction of their carbon footprint* (compared to 2010 levels)

Mazak Go Green approach to decarobonisation

* Carbon footprint is amount of carbon dioxide emissions produced through product life cycle


Mazak Go Green carbon footprint cycle

MAZATROL realises high productivity and reduced environmental impact

Mazak machine tools, with MAZATROL CNC systems at the core, enable process integration when equipped with energy-saving equipment, optimized control of coolant equipment, the use of AI and digital technology, and automation systems. Mazak machine tools achieve both even higher productivity and reduced environmental impact.

Mazak Go Green mazatorol achieves reduced environmental impact

Environmental performance of the NEO series

Energy-saving effect of automation system with the Mazak HCN-5000 NEO

Mazak Go Green neo series energy saving

Four approaches to reducing CO₂ emissions

Mazak is committed to developing technology for decarbonisation through productivity improvements. 

Mazak promotes the following comprehensive four approaches to contribute to the reduction of our environmental impact and towards achieving a sustainable society.

1 - Energy-saving technology

About 80% of CO₂ in the product life cycle is emitted at the time when a machine is in use at customer's factory.

Mazak will contribute to reducing the environmental impact at our customers' factories by developing new models and new functions with the consideration of saving energy.


Visualization of machine power consumption with MAZATROL (Energy Saver)

Energy consumption and the regenerative power produced through the energy-saving equipment can be viewed visually on the MAZATROL CNC system - control / management of coolant and other equipment.

Mazak Go Green power consumption visualisation


Energy Dashboard Plus contributes to energy saving of the entire factory

Multiple machines in a factory can be monitored by utilising Energy Dashboard Plus of Smooth Monitor AX, Mazak's monitoring software. Using a sensor box, the operation of other manufacturer's equipment can also be monitored to save energy of the entire factory.

Mazak Go Green energy dashboard


Optimal control of coolant and standby power with MAZATROL (Energy Saver)

Optimal control of coolant discharge amount 

Energy saver automatically determines the optimal coolant discharge for energy-saving machining.

The cutting volume is calculated by simulation → The optimal discharge amount is automatically determined.

Mazak Go Green coolant discharge control

Auto power off for lower energy consumption

The machine worklight, CNC screen, chip conveyor, cover coolant and other equipment can be set to energy-saving mode with Energy Saver. The off time after standby can be set for each equipment, reducing power consumption.

Mazak Go Green energy consumption reduction


High energy-saving chiller unit

Improved refrigerant inverter optimises cooling capacity according to the spindle load during machining, achieving a higher energy saving rate.

Mazak Go Green energy saving vcn 600


Significantly reduced CO₂ emissions during machining

Hydraulic unit utilizing accumulator as well as an inverter type chiller unit resulting in considerable reduction of energy consumption in operation.

Mazak Go Green energy saving Variaxis i800neo


Regenerative electric power system

The power regeneration converter recovers the energy generated by acceleration/deceleration of the spindle motor and servomotor. Recovered energy is supplied to other equipment for effective energy saving. Regenerative electric power system is available for all Mazak models to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Mazak Go Green regenerative electric power


2 - Utilising AI and digital technology

AI and digital technology enable the optimisation of the machining condition for higher accuracy and digital setup / management. With these technologies, electrical power consumption can be reduced.


Ai Thermal Shield leads to energy saving

New algorithms automatically determine the amount of compensation to be automatically applied according to changes in the temperature to ensure even higher machining accuracy. Stable machining accuracy eliminates reprocessing due to machining failure and reduces electrical power consumption as well.

Mazak Go Green ai thermal shield


Reduction of power consumption with digital setup

Digital setup utilising digital twin technology creates a virtual machine on your office PC for efficient setup and improved productivity. As operation time on the actual machine can be minimized, it can contribute to the reduction of electrical power consumption and higher operating rate.

Mazak Go Green digital twin


3 - Process integration

Process integration by hybrid multi-tasking machines and automation systems can reduce not only the number of machines but also energy consumption during machining.


Reduce CO₂ emissions by process integration that eliminates workpiece transportation

Multi-tasking machines integrated with gear machining can perform all processes such as turning, milling and gear machining in a single machine. Previously gear production required multiple machines and workpiece transportation between machines. Multi-tasking machines eliminates workpiece transportation and give considerable reduction of CO₂ emissions.

Mazak Go Green Integrex e1250v8s ag


Higher efficiency energy saving by automation system

The PALLETECH automation system integrates different types of machines including horizontal machining centers, simultaneous 5-axis machining centers and multi-tasking machines into one system. Process integration for components machining and automatic operation over extended periods of time can improve the operation rate for even more savings in energy usage.

Mazak Go Green palletech

4 - Resource saving and waste reduction

Mazak actively promotes resource-saving to have a minimum impact on our environment. Mazak minimises consumption of consumables used for machine tools and reduces the amount of waste as well as CO₂ emissions generated in disposal process.


Energy-saving coolant system with sludge removal performance

Mazak Go Green sludge removal


Reduced consumption of grease lubrication

A high-performance grease-lubricated LHL centralised lubrication system is used for the X,Y, and Z-axis to minimise the consumption of lubricating fluid, resulting in annual savings up to 46%.

Mazak Go Green grease consumption