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Mazak HCR-5000 machining demonstration

Watch the Mazak HCR-5000 high speed simultaneous 5-axis horizontal machining center in action machining a satellite component.

Application: Satellite component   |   Material: 5052

The exceptionally productive Mazak HCR-5000 horizontal machining center is a 5-axis machine that provides efficient, high-speed machining of small and mid-sized aluminium components and allows for several automation options for increased output.

Designed to provide the aerospace, semiconductor and high-tech industries with numerous technological innovations, the Mazak HCR-5000 offers a range of high-speed spindle options from a standard 12,000-rpm spindle up to a 30,000-rpm version, all of which feature integral spindle/motors. The machine also has ballscrew core cooling to minimize thermal growth and achieve higher accuracy.

A 40-tool Auto Tool Changer (ATC), with optional magazines up to 160-tool capacity, further boosts productivity with a chip-to-chip tool change time of only 2.8 seconds. 

For lights-out operation, Mazak offers the HCR-5000 with a two-pallet changer or the Multi-Pallet Pool (MPP) automation. The machine also easily integrates into a Mazak Palletech automation system. With two-pallet changing, machine shops can load and unload parts on one pallet while the Mazak HCR-5000 continues to work uninterrupted on the other pallet.

The Mazak HCR-5000 is equipped with the Mazatrol SmoothX CNC that provides operators with complete control of the machine. As the industry’s most capable and powerful control, the Mazatrol SmoothX enables 3D part program visualizations via its touch screen to further improve ease of use in terms of programming and program checking.