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Mazak Variaxis i-700T machining demonstration

High-speed multi-surface machining of small and mid-sized workpieces by tilting rotary table.

Application:Blisk   |   Material:SUS   |   Size:Φ700mm × L50mm (Φ27.55" × L1.96")

Application : General industrial component   |   Material:S45C   |   Size:Φ425mm × L150mm (Φ16.73" × L5.9")

Mazak Variaxis i-700T multiple-surface, simultaneous 5-axis machining center 

The Mazak Variaxis i-700T machine combines multiple-surface, simultaneous 5-axis milling with advanced turning operations to productively process highly complex parts in single setups.

Because of its Multi-Tasking capabilities, the Mazak Variaxis i-700T  reduces the inaccuracies that can occur when moving parts across multiple workstations, eliminates work-in-process inventory and boosts overall throughput. 

Machine Characteristics:
  • Handles parts up to 850mm (33.46") in diameter and 500mm (19.69") high
  • DONE IN ONE operations reduce production lead times
  • Advanced rotary/tilt table delivers high-positioning accuracy
  • Direct-drive motor powers rotary table for C-axis positioning and turning with a maximum spindle speed of 1,100 rpm
  • 40-taper spindle with compact nose design provides easy part access during side machining
  • Tool storage capacities from 30 to 120 tools offer high versatility
  • 30-tool automatic tool changer offers part-processing flexibility
  • New MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC system for higher productivity