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MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC Demonstration

The next generation of MAZATROL Smooth CNC technology, the MAZATROL SmoothAi control is the industry's first CNC to be designed specifically with 5-axis and multitasking operations in mind, leveraging AI support to make it possible for beginners and less-skilled users to handle operations that typically require much more machining experience and expertise.

Watch Mazak USA’s Applications Engineer Robin Cave demonstrate the capabilities of the new MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC.

The MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC control and associated software packages offer digital enhancements designed to add efficiency and value throughout the machining process.

With the power of AI, machine learning and advanced data management technology, the control also provides a wide variety of advanced programming functions for complete ease of use and high-speed, high-performance precision machining. The Solid MAZATROL function, for instance, lets operators use 3D CAD data and an AI-enhanced machining process selection for optimised MAZATROL part programs.

Other MAZATROL SmoothAi functions include SMOOTH Ai Spindle and Ai Thermal Shield. SMOOTH Ai Spindle leverages AI technology to optimise cutting conditions and surface finishes through automatic spindle vibration detection, while Ai Thermal Shield offers stable machining accuracy using machine-learning-enhanced heat displacement compensation.

The control's advanced digital capabilities stretch from the office to the manufacturing floor. Newly developed MAZATROL TWINS in conjunction with SMOOTH CAM Ai, SMOOTH Project Manager and SMOOTH Tool Management, for example, can be used to increase efficiencies in all types of manufacturing environments.

MAZATROL TWINS allows users to virtually duplicate the exact operation of machines on the factory floor from a front office PC. Data produced by virtual machines can then be outputted to machines on the floor equipped with the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC to shorten set-up times. With SMOOTH CAM Ai, users can use AI technology to create programs and edit, simulate or analyse them prior to sending them out to multiple machines also equipped with SMOOTH CAM Ai.

SMOOTH Project Manager provides convenient management of files and data for such items as tooling, fixtures, machining parameters and 3D part models required to execute machining programs. The SMOOTH Tool Management software manages data for the large amounts of tools often used in big production facilities. The function allows users to centrally manage tools, register tool data and perform tool set-up to reduce machine non-cut time. The software can also eliminate tool information input errors in the CNC to improve productivity.