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Mazak Integrex e-1600V/10S machining demonstration

Machining of a jet engine casing on a Mazak Integrex e-1600V/10S multi-tasking machine.

Machining demonstration: Jet engine casing    |    Material: C45    |    Size: Φ1500 × 600 mm

Perfect for job shops as well as aerospace and heavy construction part manufacturers, the single-table Mazak Integrex e-1600V/10S multi-tasking machine fuses together the capabilities of a full simultaneous 5-axis machine with those of a vertical turning center.

Because the Mazak Integrex e-1600V/10S is able to perform milling, turning, boring and drilling operations in single setups, manufacturers can reduce the inaccuracies that occur when moving heavy parts across multiple workstations, eliminate work-in-process inventory and boost overall throughput. 

Such advanced multi-tasking functionality together with a workpiece capacity of 2,300 mm in diameter and 1,600 mm high allows the machine to easily handle large, highly complex components from aluminum, steel and high-temperature alloy materials.

Machine Characteristics
  • Handles parts up to 2,300 mm in diameter and 1,600 mm high
  • Direct-drive table eliminates backlash for high accuracy machining
  • Spindle selection addresses various metal removal requirements
  • Tilting B-axis allows for full 5-axis machining
  • Powerful turning spindle delivers heavy-duty performance
  • Tool storage capacities from 42 to 162 tools offer high flexibility
  • Tool magazine located near operating area for convenient tool setup
The Mazak Integrex e-V Series

The Mazak Integrex e-V Series encompasses multi-tasking machines that are complete fusions of CNC machining centers and vertical turning centers. These combinations of machining centers/turning centers are by far the most advanced multi-tasking machines in the industry. Complete all operations in a single setup – turning, milling, drilling and more with Mazak's DONE IN ONE machining concept that can be applied to small to large very complex parts. Machines include B-axis tilt milling spindles and C-axis turning spindle tables. Machine configurations are two pallet or single table (S) versions.

Series Characteristics
  • DONE IN ONE performance
  • 150-degree B-axis tilt milling spindles
  • Powerful turning/C-axis spindles
  • Single-setup machining for large parts
  • Large capacity tool magazine