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Mazak Integrex e-800H machining demonstration

Perfect for industries that include aerospace, defence, mining, construction and energy, the Mazak Integrex e-800H is one of Mazak’s largest multi-tasking machines for extra-large part production.

Machining demonstration: Energy industry component    |    Material: S45C

The Mazak Integrex e-800H has the power, torque and accuracy to achieve unbeatable metal removal capabilities when processing workpieces with load capacities of up to 15 ton (including work-holding).

The Mazak Integrex e-800H also productively performs all cutting operations – turning, milling, boring, drilling and more – in a single machine setup, or what Mazak refers to as DONE IN ONE processing.

Other available options that further increase the machine’s versatility and productivity include a long boring bar system with a maximum tool length of 1,500 mm, a long drill holder that drills up to 780 mm and a long milling tool that can reach a maximum length of 1,250 mm and perform right-angled milling inside a bore.


  • Powerful 45 kw, 700 rpm turning spindle with 13,700 Nm of torque
  • Drop-worm system provides high torque and high accuracy C-axis in 0.0001O increments
  • High-performance 50-taper 10,000 rpm milling spindle with maximum 37 kw motor output
  • B-axis stroke of -30/+120 degrees providing positioning to 0.0001O increments and full 5 axis simultaneous machining
  • Tool storage capacities of 40, 80 or 120 tools ensure continuous operations
  • Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System delivers durability and reliability for long-term accuracy
  • Bed lengths ranging from 4000U to 8000U
  • Steady rests are available to support workpiece diameters up to 800 mm