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The highest level of single-setup part-production versatility

The Mazak Integrex i-450H ST Multi-Tasking Center delivers the highest level of single-setup part-production versatility with the combined processing power of a turning center and full-function machining center.

This 12-inch chuck model features a 300mm Y-axis stroke and can handle large workpieces up to 670mm diameter with a powerful 3,300rpm, 37kW main spindle and 4,000rpm second spindle. It is equipped with a fully contouring 240° B-axis and the new compact 12,000rpm milling spindle to maximise capacity within the working envelope.

This Mazak Integrex i-450H ST features a second turning spindle (S) for DONE IN ONE machining and a newly designed lower turret (T) enhancing the multi-tasking capability while boosting productivity to realise optimised cycle times.

The new symmetrically opposed parallel-type lower turret features an enhanced 12 position capacity with upgraded milling performance offering 10,000rpm and 7.5kW. In addition to its high performance, flexibility is enhanced by an optional hydraulic steady rest mounted directly on the turret face.

The machine enclosure, tool magazine and auto jaw changer have all been designed to accommodate a comprehensive range of automation technologies, including gantry loaders, bar feeders and articulating robots.

Thanks to the power of the next generation MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC, the Mazak Integrex i-450H ST has in-built learning capability to continually improve machine performance, and offers specialised operations such as crank shaft inclined drilling or gear skiving.

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