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The next generation of Mazak Integrex - the i-H Series

The latest Mazak Integrex i-H series is helping manufacturers respond quickly to ever-changing production demands whilst taking advantage of the new digital solutions offered by Mazak’s MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC.

Newly designed from the ground up for fully optimized machining and easy automation integration, the Mazak Integrex i-H Series brings together the latest advancements in manufacturing to help manufacturers achieve Multi-Tasking excellence. The spindle, turret and tool/jaw magazine feature innovations that improve ergonomics and throughput. For full DONE IN ONE productivity, second turning spindles (S) and lower turrets (T) are available as options.

The series’ sheet-metal enclosures have been redesigned with flat fronts that simplify maintenance and improve access for peripheral equipment such as bar feeders, articulating robots or gantry loaders. Large-capacity tool magazines and an automatic chuck jaw changer may be added to support automatic operation over extended periods of time.

The Mazak Integrex i-H Series features Mazak’s MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC, the next generation of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY. In addition to the conversational programming power of MAZATROL, the MAZATROL SmoothAi control leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to power innovative tools like SMOOTH Ai Spindle, SMOOTH CAM Ai, MAZATROL TWINS and more.

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