CNC Machine Tools Success Stories

Australian made machine tool automation system for world leading Australian manufacturer

Newcastle based Banlaw Unified Fuel Management has taken a giant step in achieving greater productivity and efficiency with the installation of a CellPro robotic machine tending system.


Banlaw has over 35 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing fuel management systems for mining, ports (container handling), rail and transport industries, offering complete control of the delivery, despatch, cleanliness and usage of all hydrocarbons for unparalleled control of environmental risks, effectiveness and accuracy.

No matter how harsh or remote the operating environment, Banlaw’s systems mean that vehicles such as locomotives, haul trucks, excavators, bulldozers, heavy trucks, buses, container lift machines and storage tanks can be safely fast-filled and individual vehicle usage can be monitored. The system can also help to eliminate fuel theft, cut machinery down-time and provide a safer, cleaner and more environmentally sustainable work place.

Looking to the future, Banlaw selected CellPro which has been designed and developed by John Hart right here in Australia and is a pre-engineered, modular robotic machine tending system for Mazak machines.

For Banlaw’s production requirements it brings together a Mazak Integrex j-200S CNC multi-tasking machine, a Fanuc M20iA 6 axis handling robot and John Harts cell control software CellPro, a state-of-the-art user interface that requires no robot programming knowledge to create a fully automated manufacturing cell offering unrivalled ease of use, flexibility and efficiency.

The Mazak Integrex j-200S is a done-in-one horizontal multi-tasking machine. It features a second spindle making it possible to perform continuous machining from first to second processes. It is a compact machine with large workpiece capacity, with a 20-tool magazine as standard.

The Fanuc M-20iA robot is a lightweight compact 6 axis hollow wrist assembly robot that is perfect for multi-material automated handling operations involving payloads that require added cable protection. It is designed to be easy to install in confined spaces.

CellPro has given Banlaw the capability for unmanned operation over extended periods of time, including lights out manufacturing without the complications associated with traditional robot programming.

CellPro is the only solution that offers true unmanned operation. Unlike other machine tool tending systems, CellPro is not defeated by exacting manufacturing tolerance requirements. Additionally it’s not limited by work-piece size and weight.

CellPro is not just seriously easy to use, it is also amazingly flexible. It can be set up to tend one or more Mazak machines and is compatible with all modern Mazak machines, including new and existing machine installations.

CellPro offers a range of end-of-arm gripper options, and part feeding options including pallets, drawer systems and billet feeders. In-cell options include part cleaning, drying, marking, intelligent vision systems and quality control functions.

The control software features drag-and-drop functionality, which allows for a production sequence to be defined in seconds. The CellPro Process Builder then guides the user to complete complex robot motion and sequence configurations in just a few minutes.

Australian customers also benefit from local first-hand knowledge and support from the people that actually design and make CellPro.

John Hart is uniquely placed to combine a depth of experience with world leading brands to create innovative manufacturing solutions such as CellPro. Offering unparalleled ease of use, CellPro is a machine tool system solution for machine tool users.

Banlaw’s manufacturing and research and development facility is located in the Hunter Valley, the centre of Australia’s industrial heartland. Their fuel management systems can be found in use throughout Australia, Europe, the United States, Asia and the Americas.

Their technology is used every day in the harshest work environments around the world, it is designed and built for reliability and performance. All fittings are manufactured from high quality alloys and machined to exacting standards thanks to John Hart and Mazak.

Banlaw’s long-term relationship with John Hart began over 30 years ago with the supply of a Mazak VTC machining centre. Since then their manufacturing facility has grown to 8 Mazak machine tools including the recent addition of John Hart’s own CellPro Modular Robotic System.

Banlaw’s objective of achieving industry-leading efficiency rates continue to be achieved through their continuous improvement process and innovation culture, supported by John Hart’s commitment to provide the most advanced manufacturing technologies.