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E-Plas chooses high-accuracy Mazak

E-Plas Pty Ltd invests in a Mazak QTE 300MY SG.

E-Plas CNC Machinists with Mazak QTE 300MY SG

E-Plas CNC machinists Tony Nguyen (left) and Alex Bonnici (right) with the company's new Mazak QTE 300MY SG.

About E-Plas

An Australian industry leader since 1981, E-Plas are plastics engineering and performance specialists providing innovative, high quality industrial plastic machining and fabrication solutions to a diverse range of customers in orthotics, nuclear medicine, mining, ship building, transport, manufacturing, food production, bulk handling, conveying and many more vital industry sectors.

Headquartered in Ravenhall Victoria, the company relies on high accuracy CNC machinery such as their new Mazak QTE 300MY SG to ensure that challenging plastic materials are machined to the required dimensions and tolerances.

About the Mazak QTE 300MY SG

The compact Mazak QTE 300MY SG features milling with Y axis, manufactured in Mazak’s Singapore factory, is designed to fit into even the smallest machine shop, but with no compromise on power.

The new high-accuracy and high-speed CNC turning center is one of the first machines to be equipped with SmoothEz, the latest generation of MAZATROL CNC, which allows for easy setup, programming and operation.

The Mazak QTE 300MY SG is equipped with a powerful 5,000 rpm built-in spindle motor that is capable of ultra-high-speed acceleration and deceleration delivering high-efficiency, high-accuracy machining.

Mazak QTE 300MY SG for E Plas Pty Ltd