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hyperMILL 2021.1 New Functions and Enhancements

hyperMILL 2021.1 offers numerous new functions and enhancements that will simplify and speed up your daily tasks. Watch the following videos to find out more.

With version 2021.1, it is easier to modify the tool parameters inside the job UI. It is possible to alter the parameter by adding a factor directly. If a specific value is needed, just unlink the cell and enter the new value. For editing the coolant options, you can select the desired types defined in the tool database. To bring back the parameters from the tool database, re-link the cell. If a factor has been applied, inserting the factor "1" will return the parameter to its original value. Note that even if the tool usage is changed, the factor will remain. The 3D Z Level Shape Finishing cycle has new features. The start point selection is available. The cycle will start as close as possible to the given start points. Now it is possible to define the macros (approach & retract) normal to the surface and set custom feed rates for this movements. The cycle now supports the plane level detection feature. When set to "Auto", an additional pass will be added to remove the stock left on planar faces. The “Only planar faces” option can be used to machine the rest material on another operation. The 5x Tangent Machining cycle has been improved with a bounding pass mode. This mode can be selected on the Strategy tab The required bounding contour and surface must be selected. Additional parameters can be set, like Start distance and a multi-step toolpath with a defined stepover.

hyperMILL 2021.1 -5-Axis Multi-blade Millling Enhancements

The Multi-Blade cycles now have an extended feature support. With the extended feature support, it is possible to define additional surface or contour features to further improve the toolpath creation. This can be used to define specific trim curves or surface extensions to individual toolpaths, independent from the MB feature. In this example, the additional surface feature will be used to smooth the toolpath around the trailing edge. This the original toolpath, with only the MB feature selected. Now the same toolpath with the surface feature added. It is only required to add the feature to the job and select the correct use for the surface. The same procedure applies for the splitter blade. The 5x MB Point Milling cycle now supports the high precision surface mode for tolerances below 0.005 mm. Create high quality and ultra-smooth surfaces with the greatest precision. 5x MB Flank Milling Completely redesigned with new enhancements! Improved accuracy with tighter tolerances. Work easily with surface extensions. Multiple surfaces / patches allowed. Variable radius fillet supported.

hyperMILL 2021.1 5-axis Radial Machining

The new 5-axis Radial Machining cycle is best suited for bottle molds or similar cavities. It supports ball and lollipop endmills. The cycle needs a Center line and a Radial reference line to be defined. The Center line will define the projection axis. The Radial reference line defines the main direction of the projection. There are several infeed strategies available. The start and end angles will determine the machining area. The Maximum radius defines the maximum projection distance. On the 5-axis tab, the axial and radial inclinations can be defined. A vector preview indicates how the tool will interpolate from start to finish This also applies for the radial interpolation. On the Boundary tab, the definition of stop and avoid surfaces is available. The high precision surface mode is available for excellent surface quality. While using boundaries to machine the part in various steps, the smooth overlap function becomes available. Use the Smooth Overlap function to greatly improve the surface quality of transitional areas.

hyperMILL 2021.1 Edit Toolpath Enhancements

The new “Interactive mode” in the “Edit Toolpath” job allows the user to edit existing toolpaths very flexibly, and so adapt them optimally to the component conditions. The intuitive operation makes it easy to trim the toolpath, for example, at selected points and curves, in a specific area, or on a plane.

hyperMILL 2021.1- PMI Surface Finish Import

To import PMI data when opening a model, activate the option in the settings panel for the desired file type. The surface finish information is displayed, and on select interfaces* it is embedded directly into the surfaces. *Available for Solidworks and Catia V5 It is possible to create a visibility tag, to display the entities with surface finish information associated. In this example, all the surfaces with a Cutoff value will be displayed. The surface finish information can also be added to the tooltip content for a quick overview. In hyperMILL®, it is possible to create surface group features with the PMI data. Select a sample element to obtain the surface finish information. In this example, we will use only the Cutoff value as the entity filter. Once the filter is updated, all the entities matching the definition will be selected. We can make a copy of the surface group and change the Cutoff value to select different surfaces. We can create jobs directly from the surface features PMI.

hyperMILL 2021.1 Virtual Machining Center

hyperMILL's Virtual Machining Center (VMC) is the NC code simulator, that provides an unprecedented level of process control and optimization. A user friendly interface provides all the tools for material removal simulation, collision check and analysis functions. With VMC, the NC code must be collision-checked before it is approved and released for manufacturing. A core component of VM is the Optimizer, which can modify the NC code according to the machine kinematics. Machine head with limited rotation? The Optimizer will make collision-free rewinds. Many individual jobs on the part? Let the Optimizer take care of the linking movements. Generate more efficient and safer processes with hyperMILL's Virtual Machining Center.

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