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OPEN MIND Releases hyperMILL 2020.2

Version 2020.2 of the hyperMILL CAD/CAM suite is now available and offers numerous new functions that will simplify and speed up your daily tasks.

Watch the following videos to find out more about some of the new functions in hyperMill 2020.2

Find out more about hyperMILL 2020.2

In the new hyperMILL version 2020.2 the options for toolpath mirroring have been extended. It is now possible to perform a simple mirroring based on the already calculated toolpaths. This method improves the calculation time and also the process reliability.


In hyperMILL version 2020.2 the filter properties int he tool database were integrated directly into the user interface and are therefore always visible.


Especially for machining cutting edges hyperMILL version 2020.2 offers optimized strategies for the plunge and swarf milling of cutting edges with the 3D-Cutting Edge and 5-Axis Cutting Edge Plunge milling cycle.


In the new hyperMILL 2020.2 version manual approach and retract movements can be defined by drawn curves.