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New release date for hyperMILL 2024

By popular demand, OPEN MIND are moving the hyperMILL annual version release from December to April. This means: hyperMILL 2024 will now be launched in April 2024!

Why is the release date changing?

Customer feedback has shown that December is not an ideal release month. There are a wide variety of reasons why installation of a new software release at this time is not  convenient including year-end business, holidays or the end of the fiscal year. Evaluations have also shown that April is the preferred release month.

New date - more quality, more scope, more service

By releasing the new version of hyperMILL in April, OPEN MIND are able to enhance the performance of software and offer a hyperMILL version with significant added value. This is because OPEN MIND have more resources available at that time of year for the development and intensive testing of new strategies. In addition, OPEN MIND have optimised internal processes and improved their beta test concept. The result is more innovative technologies of the highest quality and stability.

Your advantages at a glance
  • More favourable release date: April is the ideal month for installing and using new strategies
  • Broader scope of functions: additional hyperMILL technologies and functionalities
  • Higher quality and stability: more resources for intensive hyperMILL testing
  • Optimised frequency of hyperMILL updates: extending the period between updates from six to eight weeks. This means you have more time to follow the updates and are always up to date with the latest software.
  • hyperMILL 2024 Update Training: OPEN MIND training takes place close to the release. This allows you to use the new functions productively right away.

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