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John Hart a world class exporter

Since 1946, John Hart Pty Ltd has been a leader in supplying Australian manufacturers with the most innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies. Representing leading global brands such as Mazak and Fanuc, John Hart has been at the forefront of Machine Tool and Automation technology for decades.

Agile Flex Production Line 

Manufacturing production of stock Agile Flex machine tool loading systems at the John Hart facilities in Clayton Victoria.

It is this depth of experience and technical knowledge that has formed the foundation for the development of a world class range of robotic machine tending solutions, which are sold under the Agile Robotic Systems brand.

A member of an elite group of Australian companies that build and export manufacturing systems, John Hart manufactures the systems in their Melbourne facility for local and international markets. 

With a facility in Cincinnati, Agile Robotic Systems offers on-site demonstrations, technical support and sales for the entire North American region.   

This innovative success story is based on three levels of machine tending solutions. 

  1. The Agile Flex range, which is an out of the box machine tending solution, that is solid in construction, rapid to deploy, easy to use and very affordable. 
  2. The Agile Modular range, which offers flexible machine tending solution that are created by bringing together pre-engineered modular system components to meet project requirements. 
  3. The Agile Engineered range, which offers a fully bespoke solution that has is designed to specifically meet the unique requirements of each project. 

Known for their advanced design, simplicity of use, build quality and reliability, Agile Robotic Systems come in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the individual needs of manufacturers.

Unique to the Agile Robotic Systems is the in-house developed the Agile Flex Cell Controller software. Offering customers unparalleled ease of use, this revolutionary control system allows users to efficiently change to new parts in a matter of minutes. 

At the heart of this system is a revolutionary wizard based process, which prompts users in a question and answer format to input simple process information for the next part. Ideally suited to small and large batch sizes alike, Agile Robotic Systems allow customers with no robotic knowledge, to be fully self-sufficient in setting up any number of new parts over a normal week.

System flexibility together with simple and fast part changeovers helps customers to remain flexible, productive and profitable in a tough global market.

Having successfully installed many systems into a large variety of industries locally and in the USA , John Hart is a local success story highlighting what can be achieved through the hard work and ingenuity of the very capable people in the Australian manufacturing industry.

Agile Robotic Systems are the benchmark in rapidly deployable, compact and affordable machine tending systems.


Agile Flex Unattended Machining

The Agile Flex adds out of the box productivity, at a very affordable price, to any modern CNC machine tool.

Agile Cell Controller

All Agile machine loading systems feature the same state of the art user interface that requires no robot programming knowledge.

Agile Flex Range

The Agile Flex currently consists of five models in the range.