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Fanuc M-10iA and M-20iA Robots

The Fanuc M10iA range of robots with up to 12 kg payload and the Fanuc M20iA range with up to 35 kg payload offer multiple strength and reach configurations.

fanuc m10 m20

These 6 axis robots have hollow joints at both J4 and J6 allowing all cabling and services to run inside the robot arm. This method of compact cable management removes cost and downtime issues that can arise from external cables becoming caught and even broken and enhances the overall rotational manoeuvrability of the robot arm.

The ability to house various cabling within the arm itself also makes for more accurate simulation of the robots movement, so when it comes to running the robot in real time the problems arising from external cables contacting machinery or surrounding objects are removed. With a cantilevered J5 on the forearm, the M10iA and M20iA robots have an enhanced range of motion at the wrist and a slimmer profile, while the compact base design offers a reduced J2 interference radius.

  • Materials handling, machine loading, injection moulding, pick and place, welding, vision based systems.
  • Greater flexibility than other robots in its class
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability for interfacing with machinery
  • Higher productivity through improved rigidity and advanced servo technology