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Mazak Variaxis i-700 with a Mazak Multi Pallet Pool (MPP)

The Mazak Variaxis i-700 features DONE-IN-ONE processing of complex workpieces up to Ø850 mm, combining both 5-Axis milling and turning capability in a single set-up. Mazak’s Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) offers high-speed pallet transfer and extended unmanned lights out running.


The Mazak Variaxis i-700 latest generation 5-axis machining center is designed for multi-surface machining delivering reduced in-process time, high accuracy and unrivalled machine ergonomics.

Unsurpassed high-speed, high-accuracy performance. Max spindle speed 12,000 rpm (Option: 18,000 rpm, 30,000 rpm). Largest machining envelope: table size Ø700 mm.

The Mazak Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) has an economic footprint – up to 37% smaller than a comparable Mazak Palletech system – and is controlled using the SmoothX CNC on the Mazak Variaxis i-700, which is equipped with Mazak’s Smooth MPP software application.

The stocker can be expanded up to 18 pallets after the initial installation of a MPP with 6 pallets in response to increased production requirements