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Mazak QTE-300MY – 1000U in stock

We have a brand new Mazak QTE 300MY SG in stock at our Melbourne showroom and it is available for immediate delivery.

Mazak QTE 300MY SG in stock

The Mazak QTE-300MY SG turning and milling center with Y axis is designed to process a wide variety of parts with high efficiency.

The Mazak QTE-300MY SG offers the following features: 

  • Exceptional build quality and a very attractive cost.
  • The spindle is designed to provide high-torque machining in the low-speed range.
  • In addition to its high rigidity, the high acceleration and deceleration increases productivity.
  • New SmoothEz control 
  • MAZATROL conversational programming
  • Touch screen - Operates similar to your smartphone/tablet 
  • New functions for high-speed, high-accuracy

Integral spindle/motor: Thanks to its design, vibration is minimized during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional surface finishes and maximum tool life. Since no transmission with belts, pulleys or gears is used, the higher efficiency of the integral spindle/motor delivers more power to the tool tip to be used for cutting.

Turret: Thanks to the use of a servo driven motor, the turret prforms high-speed, non-lift indexing with minimum interference. Tool shank 25mm ensures high rigidity machining. 12 position drum turret.

Milling: Rotary tools can be mounted at any turret position for tool layout flexibility. Since the spindle C-axis can be indexed in 0.0001° increments, high accuracy milling can be performed at any angle. 4500 min-1 milling spindle.

Y-axis: Thanks to the Y-axis double-slide design, large diameter multi-tasking machining can be performed. 100mm Y-axis travel.

Equipped with the latest innovation in Mazak machine control technology, the new MAZATROL SmoothEZ CNC, which offers improved functionality and ergonomics and contains 3 Ez (easy) features for higher productivity.
  1. Ez Machining: High-speed high-accuracy machining with new functions.
    Thermal Shield ensures enhanced heat displacement compensation to be automatically applied according to changes in the temperature to ensure even higher machining accuracy.
  2. Ez Operation: Touch panel display
    Intuitive operation with 15” touch screen. Flexible Layout for display data, menu and screen keyboard position can be changed in the CNC screen. Various information can be displayed. Data can be checked and set with minimum screen transition by customizing the display according to operation process.
  3. Ez Setup: Efficient operation with software integration
    QUICK MAZATROL to reduce the programming time. Program errors can be reduced for minimum programming time. Programs can be easily created and checked by utilizing the touch screen and displaying the 3D workpiece model.
    Touch the screen to confirm or edit. Thanks to display the 3D workpiece model on the screen, operator can easily create the programming by checking shapes and processes. Font size can be changed bigger or smaller for ease of operation