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Machining an EV link shaft on a Mazak Quick Turn 250MY

The Mazak Quick Turn 250MY combined with a Mazak Gantry Loader delivers outstanding part quality and enhanced unmanned running.

Demonstration Workpiece: EV Link Shaft   |   Material S45C Steel

Mazak Quick Turn 250MY equipped with a Mazak Gantry Loader

Featuring several technological innovations, the Mazak Quick Turn 250MY delivers speed, power and precision for exceptional performance in virtually any turning operation.

The machine provides unmatched productivity and reduced cycle times across a wide range of workpiece geometries, from the very simple to the highly complex, as well as small to large diameter shaft-type parts in short and long lengths.

As an (MY) configuration, the Mazak Quick Turn 250MY features milling capability and Y-axis functionality along with a standard through-hole chuck package, and integral turning spindle motor to process a wide range of parts in a single setup.

For fully automated operations, the Mazak Quick Turn 250MY can be outfitted with a bar feeder or a gantry robot loader. A Mazak Gantry Loader provides fast loading and unloading for high-volume manufacturing. It bring more versatility, flexibility and productivity when managing chuck and shaft work by offering a variety of loading stations and robotic hands. A Mazak Gantry Loader system is easy to install and operate, providing a quick, turnkey system that results in immediate increases in productivity.

Mazak Quick Turn 250MY is equipped with the SmoothG CNC that features MAZATROL conversational programming and EIA-ISO programming.