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Machining an aerospace pipe on a Mazak HCR-5000S

The Mazak HCR-5000S simultaneous 5-axis horizontal machining center is ideal for high precision machining of components such as those found in the aerospace industry.

Application: Aerospace pipe   |   Material: Al Mg2.5 (A5052)   |   Size:384×204×297mm (15.12×8.03×11.69”)

Mazak HCR-5000S description:

The Mazak HCR-5000S 5-axis, single-table (S) horizontal machining center performs efficient, high-speed machining of small- and mid-sized aluminium components such as those commonly found in the aerospace, semi-conductor and high-tech industries.

For extremely accurate performance, the machine features a solid base X-axis construction, high-rigidity bed and a tilt/rotary table where both the A and C axes use a roller gear cam system for positioning to increments of 0.0001-degrees. The Mazak HCR-5000S efficiently evacuates large amounts of machined chips to ensure excellent surface finishes and prevent downtime.

With several high-speed spindle options, the Mazak HCR-5000S tackles any productivity and workpiece geometry requirements. Additionally, several automation options, including fast automatic tool changers and pallet changing options, minimize non-cut times to further improve productivity.

Mazak HCR-5000S characteristics:
  • Integral spindle/motor design minimises vibration
  • 12,000, 18,000, 25,000 and 30,000 rpm spindle options
  • Linear roller guides on X, Y and Z axes
  • X-, Y- and Z-axis ballscrew core cooling for machine stability
  • Base X-axis construction and high-rigidity bed ensure high-accuracy positioning
  • Center trough with chip conveyor for fast and efficient chip evacuation
  • Tilt/rotary table for 0.0001-degree increment positioning
  • Automatic tool changer (ATC) options to 160 tools
  • 8 second chip-to-chip ATC time
  • Automatic two pallet changer (2PC), Multi-pallet Pool (MPP) and PALLETECH are all available
  • Standard large-capacity coolant tank