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Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY machining demonstration

Machining of an electric drive coupling on a Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY.

The Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY turning center for DONE IN ONE part production delivers outstanding part quality and volume.

The Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY features two turning spindles, milling capability and Y-axis off-centerline machining. 

Its main turning spindle headstock incorporates a 10" chuck mounted on a wide variety of available integral/spindle motor specifications, from standard spindle to high torque spindle for heavy duty machining.

With a 500mm bed length, the machine accommodates a maximum machining length of 541mm, part diameters up to 380mm and bar stock up to 80mm.

To position parts accurately for square facing/slotting cuts and precisely drilled holes, the main turning spindle also serves as a full-functioning C-axis, programmable in 0.0001° increments. The machine’s second spindle with 6" chuck enables the Mazak Quick Turn 250MSY to transfer parts automatically and perform secondary operations with speed and accuracy.

The machine’s 12-position integral/spindle motor turret improves part surface finishes and reduces maintenance over belt-driven designs and can be configured with either VDI or bolt-on tooling. A 16 position drum turret is optionally available.