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John Hart Open House machining demonstration

John Hart’s Open House event featured machining demonstrations on a Mazak Variaxis C-600 showcasing the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC and hyperMILL CAM software in collaboration with Dimac Tooling for workholding and ISCAR Australia for cutting tools.


MAZATROL demonstration

MAZATROL Demonstration

  1. Program pocket with boss feature with roughing and finishing in a single line
  2. Program patterns of POINT geometries in a single line
  3. Slotting irregular geometry
  4. Intelligent Pocket Machining (IPM) to utilise Trochoidal milling
hyperMILL demonstration

hyperMILL Demonstration

  1. Multi-index slot machining
  2. 5-axis tangent plane machining with barrel cutter
  3. 5-axis roughing
  4. 5-axis tangent finishing with lens cutter
  5. Trochoidal milling
  6. Swarf cutting for rough and finish