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Mazak Integrex i-250H AG machining demonstration

Improved efficiency in gear-prototype and small-lot production.

Demonstration: Oscillation cutting, hobbing, outer diameter grinding, grinding wheel dressing and measurement, measurement inside the machine.

Application: Motor shaft for electric vehicle | Material: JIS SCM440 | Material Size: Ø80 x 288mm

Mazak's Integrex i-250H AG hybrid multi-tasking CNC machining center is by far the most advanced multi-tasking machine in the manufacturing industry.

The Mazak Integrex i-250H AG hybrid multi-tasking machine delivers maximum versatility and throughput for medium to large complex parts. The machine combines the capabilities of a high-powered turning center and full-function machining center to produce parts in single setups.

This configuration features the HYBRID AUTO GEAR (AG) package with a full range of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions for DONE IN ONE gear production.

Additionally, the Mazak Integrex i-250H AG significantly reduces lead times and improves part accuracy through the elimination of multiple setups. With full 5-axis capability, the machine easily processes fully prismatic parts from solid blocks or castings (chucked or bar fed work), round parts or sculptured parts such as aerospace components.

Machine Characteristics:
  • Process integration for high accuracy machining, reduction of in-process time and initial cost
  • Quickly and easily makes programs for cutting tool paths and measurement
  • Produces datum features, chamfers, edges and other part features in a single setup
  • SMOOTH Gear Cutting software package with SMOOTH Gear Skiving, SMOOTH Gear Hobbing and SMOOTH Gear Milling for producing external and internal spur, helical and spline-type gears
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guide System damps vibration to extend tool life and handle higher load capacities
  • Milling spindle provides a rotating B-axis range of 240 degrees
  • Accommodates parts up to 670 mm in diameter