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Mazatrol technology revolutionised the world of CNC

Mazak set a precedent in CNC programming development with the introduction of the Mazatrol CNC in 1981, the world's first conversationally programmed CNC system.

The newest generation Mazatrol Smooth controls are the fastest and most productive CNC in the industry

The newest generation of Mazatrol CNC is embodied in the full range of Mazatrol Smooth CNC’s – a complete process-performance platform spanning the entire part production landscape from programming and setup to metal removal operations, automation, and data collection.

Mazatrol Smooth CNC controls provide unsurpassed productivity with faster setups and cycle times, improved surface finishes, high accuracy machining as well as incomparable ease of operation.

Mazatrol Smooth CNC controls incorporate a wide variety of advanced CNC programming functions to deliver high-speed, high-accuracy CNC machining performance.

Ease of Operation

Touch-screen Graphical User Interface (GUI) panel with intelligent keyboard to offer intuitive operation similar to a smart phone or tablet.

Control panel angle is easily adjusted to suit the varying height and posture of the operator.

Control panel has been designed in collaboration with world-renowned industrial designer Ken Okuyama.


Quick MAZATROL interface reduces the number of keystrokes to write a conversational program.

Microsoft Windows gestures for moving, zooming, scaling and rotating the 3D display.

3D Assist function provides directly import of 3D CAD to the CNC reducing programming time eliminating errors from manual input.

Five process home screens present critical data in a single view, simplifying the key operational stages from part programming, management of tool data and set-up, through to the actual machining cycle.

Quick EIA interface includes a high speed display of tool paths and an analysis function to determine errors in the program that could cause surface defects.

Factory management integration

Various interfaces (EtherNet I/P, Profibus and C-Clink) enable flexible and fast connection to peripheral devices such as automated robotic loading and measuring systems.

Supports the MTConnect open-source, royalty-free manufacturing protocol.

Smooth Process Support (SPS) is the name for Mazak’s range of shop management software for the PC.

Operation status and maintenance information can be managed and analysed by desktop and mobile devices with Smooth Monitor software.

Allows for centralised management and sharing of production data and system management.

Operation status and maintenance information, including mean time between failure analysis, are co-managed to improve productivity.

Potential fault cautions can be directly emailed to office devices.

Intelligent Functions

Intelligent Pocket Milling (IPM)

Intelligent Pocket Milling (IPM) in Mazatrol automatically generates a tool path to maintain a constant angle of tool engagement resulting in an even load on the tool and optimised cutting conditions even for difficult to cut materials.

Can reduce cycle time for machining pockets by up to 60% compared to programs generated with a conventional off-set tool path.

Seamless Corner Control (SCC)

Developed to reduce cycle time and improve machined surface quality by reducing acceleration/ deceleration times and machine vibration typically attributed to high speed changes in axis direction.

Variable Acceleration Control (VAC)

VAC reduces cycle times by enabling the optimal axis acceleration for the combination of axes within an individual program block rather than the slowest axis for the overall program sequence.

Smooth Machining Configuration (SMC)

Allows the machine performance affecting accuracy, velocity and smoothness, to be fine-tuned according to the type of component and machining operation i.e., roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and simultaneous 5-axis.

Simple to use touch screen sliders – similar to an equaliser on audio equipment – can be used to adjust relevant parameters.

Ai-powered programming

The Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC utilises the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise cutting conditions and surface finishes through automatic spindle vibration detection and to ensure stable machining accuracy through machine-learning-enhanced heat displacement compensation.

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