Klingelnberg Bevel Gear Technology

The division Bevel Gear Technology covers Klingelnberg's entire range of machines for the economical, high-precision production of bevel gears, worms, and rotors. Klingelnberg machines are known for their reliability, technological superiority, and productivity.

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Bevel-gear machines are ideal for fulfilling a range of downstream-industry requirements for various applications, such as cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural technology, industrial construction, and plant engineering.

The process chain for bevel gear production includes tool preparation, cutting, measuring, fixture hardening, grinding or lapping, and testing. Klingelnberg offers the most advanced technology and the most efficient machines for each and every step in the process chain. The powerful KIMoS design software and the closed-loop concept ensure transparency and documented quality throughout the entire process chain. High-performance tool systems and the system concept – all from a single source – make it possible to meet all the requirements of flexible, efficient production, for both the smallest and largest batch sizes.

The Klingelnberg Advantage
  • Klingelnberg has developed and perfected the dry-cutting process for spiral bevel gears.
  • KIMoS covers all aspects of spiral bevel gear design and optimization throughout the process chain.
  • The entire process chain for bevel gears – from design, to production, to measurement – is available under one roof.
  • The closed-loop concept for the entire bevel gearing process chain is unrivaled on the market.
  • Klingelnberg's tool system ensures the highest productivity and lowest possible cost per unit.
  • The patented TwinBlade by Klingelnberg method, ideal for the production of bevel gears that require grinding. TwinBlade by Klingelnberg is the most productive cutting process on the market.
  • Complete solutions for all tool-related questions: Klingelnberg continually perfects the tool system and offers a just-in-time grinding service for customers.
  • Supplier of machines with integrated, automatic contour deburring for complete process steps.
  • Klingelnberg knows the requirements for machine loading better than anyone specializing only in automation. The integrated Klingelnberg solution has led to tremendous advances
  • in production and process quality.
  • Application expertise for all of the different work steps involved in bevel gear production.
  • Klingelnberg offers training courses to pass this expertise and knowledge on to customers.