Mazak Smooth Tool Management

Designed to efficiently handle the large amount of data required for tool management in a machine shop.


smooth tool management


Minimize the time searching for tools in a machine shop and registering tool data resulting in faster tool setup times.

Eliminate manual errors of inputting tool data into each CNC unit to realize higher productivity.

Centralized Control of All Tool Data in a Factory

Check the status of tools in the magazine of all machines over the network.

Tool Data Entry by Tool Presetter

Tool diameter and tool length measurement results from Tool Presetter are entered into tool data database.

Tool Management by Using Tool ID

By reading tool ID, the corresponding data for each tool can be transferred to each CNC system.


tool management


Advanced tool setup thanks to capability of determining required tools ahead of time.

By utilizing results of the Smooth Scheduler and the Smooth CAM RS , the system can determine the required tools in advance