Mazak Smooth Scheduler

Designed to prepare the optimum production plan for multiple machines and multiple machining operations.


smooth scheduler


  • Visualizing Production Floor
  • Reduction of in-process inventory
  • Quick and Accurate Response to Delivery Deadline
  • Improved Machine Utilization
Gantt-Chart Schedule

Visualization of production floor is by displaying the Gantt-Chart schedule.
Production plan up to several months in the future can be easily visualized as well as forecasting completion dates.
Additionally, the work load for each machine and the production processes are visualized.


Gantt Chart Schedule


The instructions for parts to be machined by in the factory are provided over the network.

The Smooth Scheduler status is updated by receiving a completion report each CNC unit and terminal device after machining completion.*

*Progress confirmation is performed from portable terminals, other PCs, etc., by installing the satellite software.


mazak smooth scheduler