Mazak Smooth PMC

Smooth PMC is the software to schedule automatic operation/control of FMS [Modular Tech Manufacturing Cell] by Mazak.


smooth pmc 



pmc controller


This corresponds to production variation flexibly since real time simulation is capable.

Confirm Schedule and Operation Status by the Smooth PMC Controller.

Intuitive operation thanks to touch panel.

In addition, when connected to a network, operation status is available on a PC, tablet and smartphone.*

*Satellite software is required in order to confirm progress from portable terminals, other PCs, etc


pmc screen


Display of Machine Operation Status/Production Results

Current status of workpieces at loading stations and those being machined.
Production results display.

Simulation Screen

Simulation is performed for required tools, machine load and production output during automatic operation based on current schedule/machine status.
Simulation visualization - maximum one week ahead.

Display of Required Tools List

Generates the list of tools required for future scheduled operation for convenient tool preparation

Display of Tools not Required

List of tools not required.
Convenient indication to operator of what tools can be removed from a machine’s magazine.

Result Display

Predicted load on machines and loading stations is displayed based on the current status.
Production result is also displayed for analysis.


pmc screen 2

Display of Operation Result for One Week


pmc screen 3

Machining Analysis