Customized CAM automation solution

hyperMILL AUTOMATION Center Customer Solution

OPEN MIND’s automation experts develop customer-specific solutions to automate CAD/CAM processes and integrate them into existing IT landscapes. All process steps are defined and verified together with the customer before the automation solution is developed. Many processes relating to data preparation and CAM programming can be automated today, all the way through to NC programming without human intervention.


  • Complete mapping of a programming process including CAD work
  • No restrictions regarding machining features or geometries
  • Process steps are executed interactively. Whenever the next action is ambiguous, the user decides how to proceed.
  • Manufacturing knowledge can be stored and made available to the entire team.
  • Integration into existing IT systems (calculation servers, network environments, and others)
  • Reduced programming times up to programming without human intervention
  • Created by the OPEN MIND automation experts