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Bustech Factory Tour

Holden Racing Team driver Jack Perkins speaks to Mark Cleave, General Manager and Chief Engineer of Bustech, about John Hart's role as key supplier of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Bustech is Australia's leading independent bus manufacturer.

Based in Burleigh on Queensland's famous Gold Coast, Bustech is the manufacturing arm of Transit Australia Group, the country's largest private bus company currently running 650 buses and employing over 1300 staff.

From their 5600m2 custom built manufacturing facility, Bustech currently produce over 250 vehicles a year (with a future capacity of 500 buses) using techniques that make them one of the most efficient manufacturers of buses in the World.

John Hart has been integral in the development of Bustech’s cutting edge manufacturing capability by providing them with and supporting Mazak Laser Cutting Machines which have revolutionised their product design and manufacture.

Unlike other bus manufacturers who are merely coachbuilders, Bustech works from the chassis up, complete with their own lightweight stainless steel space-frame design which improves fuel efficiency and enhances user ergonomics.

The Bustech manufacturing facility features a Mazak Fabri Gear 220 II CNC 3D laser processing machine and a Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 2D laser processing machine

The Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 220 II is a high-precision 6-axis laser for processing tube, pipe and structural sections. The machine can handle larger, longer, thicker and heavier material than similar machines due to its rigid work-piece handling system incorporating a four chuck design.

It can cut a large range of mill-length tube and pipe, whether round, square, rectangular, or triangular. In addition, it can process I and H-beams, C-channel, angle iron, and additional user-defined shapes.

The Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 220 II can cut at any desired angle for weld prep, plus achieve the highest accuracy for easy fit-up of assemblies - all in a single program cycle. Program-controlled loading, work-holding, and unloading make it an efficient fabrication cell requiring minimal labour input for volume part production.

The Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 is a 2.5kW CO2 laser-cutting system which combines high performance with a compact and flexible design, ideal for 2D sheet metal processing of sheets up to 3.0m x 1.5m.

The Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 integrates Intelligent Setup and Monitoring Functions to significantly simplify operation and reduce operator dependency. It also has the flexibility to integrate with Mazak’s large range of material automation solutions.

This has enabled the Bustech factory to be fully self-contained and self-sufficient. They do literally everything in-house – design, engineering, frame building (welding & riveting), finishing, painting, testing, right down to applying decals.