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Competitive advantage with hyperMILL for 5th Axis Inc

11 years ago in San Diego, California two experienced and motivated entrepreneurs, Steve Grangetto and Chris Taylor co-founded 5th Axis, Inc. As the company's name implies, they recognized that 5-axis machining would give their new company a competitive advantage and entry into demanding niche markets like Aerospace, Medical, and other challenging high-tech industries.

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Open Mind hyperMILL 2016.1

Open Mind Technologies AG is unveiled hyperMILL Version 2016.1 at EMO in Milan, Italy. The new hyperMILL MAXX Machining performance package is one of the highlights of the event. Innovative CAM strategies greatly improve roughing, finishing and drilling performance.

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Open Mind hyperMILL 2015.1

This version of Open Mind’s CAM/CAD suite hyperMILL includes a host of optimisations, machining strategies and intuitive features that can further exploit the possibilities of modern CNC machines whilst enhancing ease of use.

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