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Discover Fanuc iRVision

Fanuc is the forerunner in the search for true autonomous intelligent robot systems with the focus on integrated force and vision sensors complimenting their complete range of reliable, cost-effective robotic platforms.

fanuc irvision

Fanuc’s state-of- the-art robot controller R-30iA, offers simple and seamless integrated vision capability for 2D, 2.5D and 3D applications. Fanuc intelligent robot vision systems with PC hardware have been in development for quite some time but the iRVision system propels them ahead of the pack by integrating both the vision hardware and software into the robot controller providing a single source solution and unrivalled reliability.

The camera port provided on the R-30iA main CPU board can facilitate up to 32 x two-dimensional cameras or 4 x three-dimensional laser sensors. Easy setup of the iRVision system is achieved by connecting an external PC to the robot web browser via the standard Ethernet port. Once the vision system is setup the PC is disconnected and all vision files and processes are stored and executed from the robot controller flash memory device through the robot path programs.

Fanuc’s iRVision is suitable for a wide range of applications from simple pick and place on static or moving conveyors, to complex bin-picking and error proofing processes for quality control.

The Fanuc M10iA and M20iA robots are designed with iRVision in mind and all sensor cables are integrated into the robot mechanical unit, reducing the need for an awkward, troublesome external harness which can reduce the reliability of the overall system.