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Take a look at the new Mazak FT-150 Fiber Laser

The Mazak FT-150 Fiber tube-cutting laser has been designed for high-speed cutting and reduced non-cutting process to improve cycle times for small to medium diameter tubes. The result is superior productivity with high throughput.


The Mazak FT-150 Fiber utilises a series of advanced technologies and optional features to streamline and automate laser-cutting tube production processes.

The machine includes a unique design and a proprietary agile U-Axis to facilitate speed and productivity. The U-Axis offers impressive cutting speeds and superior part accuracy through a wide range of applications.

The Mazak FT-150 Fiber utilizes a 2.5D cutting head with focus detection. The programmable angle of the B-Axis enables bevel cutting of the material thickness providing for improved welding, multiple tube assembly, and fit and finish.

It is also equipped with a number of intelligent setup functions, including auto-profiler calibration and nozzle cleaning to further enhance productivity. There are a variety of additional process enhancement options available as well.

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