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What is Direct Diode Laser Technology?

Recently, Mazak introduced first of their kind laser cutting machines which utilise a direct diode laser (DDL), the Mazak Optiplex DDL series. These machines have changed the game for high power laser cutting. Direct diode laser technology has shaken the industrial laser cutting industry, but not everyone understands what it is, how it works or why it has gained such traction.

What is Direct Diode Laser Technology?

The name explains the process. DDL technology utilizes diodes directly. This is managed through eliminating the doped fiber system used in fiber laser technology. Which inturn, makes the DDL course more efficient since the middle process is now eliminated. Direct diode lasers are also the smallest and most reliable laser source, all while having an exceptionally high quality beam.

Direct Diode Laser Schematic

Why is Direct Diode Laser being introduced as a laser source?

Until recently, Direct Diode Laser has only been available in lower power levels less than 2,000 watts, which has limited its use in a wider range of industrial cutting applications. Today the platform has been developed and expanded to accommodate 8,000+ watts of power. These higher power levels combined with its very unique characteristics including reliability, efficiency and quality have now allowed Direct Diode Laser to be utilized in thicker material applications. While many laser users have embraced solid state laser technology and the benefits from higher cut speeds and lower costs of operation, these users have desired high edge quality that has not yet been possible with fiber and disc technology.

What are the benefits?

There are three key areas which Direct Diode Laser has made advancements over CO2 laser , fiber laser and disc laser technology.

  1. First is the overall efficiency of the laser. As you can see from below, Mazak's DDL has improved wall plug efficiency compared to any of the other laser sources. This is because the diodes can be used directly instead of having to go through the doped fiber system.
  2. The second key benefit of DDL technology is the cut speeds. DDL has cut speed advantages typically about 15% faster in all material types and thickness, but it is most notable in aluminum. We are seeing, in come cases, 30% faster cut speeds in aluminum over fiber or disc.
  3. However, what is most notable is the superior cut quality in all materials over the typical results seen in fiber or disc technology. Due to the DDL wavelength and beam shape characteristics are different than the other laser sources. The DDL characteristics are such that we can provide a more superior edge quality not yet seen on fiber or disc laser all while running at speeds, which in many cases, are faster. DDL have the ability to cut a wide range of material types and thickness, which certainly include a variety of steel compositions, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. In addition, DDL is very capable of cutting Titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel and other exotics quite well.
Direct Diode Laser Efficiency

Direct Diode Laser Efficiency


What does Mazak offer for DDL Technology?

Currently Mazak offers 2D laser-cutting machines utilizing DDL technology, the Mazak Optiplex 3015 DDL and the Mazak Optiplex 4020 DDL high power, high speed, flat sheet laser-cutting systems.

Mazak Optiplex 3015 Direct Diode Laser

Pictured: Mazak Optiplex 3015 DDL


The Mazak Optiplex DDL laser-cutting system has changed the game with its impeccable finished parts' edge quality and extraordinary cutting speeds. These machine also have Mazak's new cutting-edge PreviewG control and drive system which has integrated tech tables to simplify operation. Mazak Optiplex DDL incorporates Mazak's Intelligent Multi-Control Torch HP-D and Nozzle Changer technology to directly increase the productivity of the end user by allowing the machine to optimize the torch setup automatically per program. This optimization can dramatically improve cut speeds, increase throughput and require less operator intervention, delivering more predictable processing day after day.

Mazak has made significant investments to develop proprietary DDL technology. We at John Hart are excited to have this unique advantage exclusive to Mazak.

For more details on the DDL laser-cutting solutions, check out the Mazak Optiplex 3015 DDL and the Mazak Optiplex 4020 DDL.