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Why Multi-Tasking?

Multi-Tasking adds efficiency to every aspect of manufacturing production. Because it enables start-to-finish production of parts that require a multi-axis approach to multiple processes, it cuts production lead times and part costs by eliminating, in many cases, the need for multiple clampings and multiple machines. That same single-setup ease and convenience also increases machining accuracy and part quality because parts stay on one machine rather than moving from one machine to the next involving numerous part setups.

Why Mazak Multi Tasking 

Freed from the need for long multi-machine production cycles and even some outsourced processes, manufacturers can use Multi-Tasking to adopt a just-in-time approach to part production to shorten the delivery-payment cycle as well as to increase throughput for larger volume orders with shorter pay cycles.

With more processes on fewer machines, manufacturers can boost their production capacity and respond efficiently to a wider range of jobs, ramping up their profitability through reduced overhead. At the same time, Multi-Tasking reduces a manufacturer’s need to invest in redundant fixturing and tools, and enables them to produce more products with fewer workers – or to increase production without hiring more operators.

Multi-Tasking puts the functionality of multiple machines on as few as one piece of equipment, doing more with less, freeing up shop floor space and enabling operators to get more done in a single shift. It also optimizes part designs to make them easier to manufacture – and harder to copy, thereby protecting company’s intellectual property. All this efficiency gives manufacturers more options for pricing structures and greater profit margins on existing parts, boosting competitiveness and differentiation from other manufacturers.

Why Mazak Multi-Tasking

As a Multi-Tasking pioneer, Mazak has built a long history of making machine tools efficient sources of streamlined productivity. In fact, the company uses its Multi-Tasking machines in its own production facilities, which means that customers share in the years of design improvements Mazak has made based on its own manufacturing needs. The company’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking spans the industry's widest range of machine configurations, many with automation as a standard feature, and Mazak's broad base of installed machines speaks to the stability of its brand.

From raw material through finished parts, Mazak Multi-Tasking machines with DONE IN ONE capabilities turn entire production processes into one-machine procedures. These configurations incorporate a second turning spindle and a milling turret or a two-spindle, two-turret configuration. Other Mazak Multi-Tasking machines also can include Y-axis off-centerline capabilities, tilt/rotary B-axis milling spindles, rotary/tilt tables and large capacity tool magazines. Mazak offers the industry's most-advanced Multi-Tasking controls that provide both EIA/ISO and conversation programming modes for operator ease of use at virtually any skill level.

Why the New Mazak INTEGREX i-H Series of Multi-Tasking Machines

Mazak Integrex i 200H ST

Mazak's newest lineup of INTEGREX i-H Series Multi-Tasking equipment represents the company's ninth generation of advanced machine development. It sports a state-of-the-art MAZATROL SmoothAi control that adds artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced data management to anticipate task needs and ramp up production flexibility. These machines also feature a completely new exterior design with an auto door option that simplifies the addition of all levels of automation technology, along with a wide range of compatible automation options, including robots, gantry loaders, work unload/transfer units, bar feeders and automatic parts catchers.

Mazak Integrex i 450H ST

For easy operation, the Mazak INTEGREX i-H Series offers a convenient front tool setup unit and rear automatic tool changer magazine with numerous storage capacity options, along with stockers for robot hands, chuck jaws, tools and workpieces, and an Automatic Chuck Jaw Changer that exchanges jaws without halting the machining process. A parallel-type, standup lower turret reduces machining interference and chip accumulation for greater efficiency and less operator intervention.

Everything about Multi-Tasking spells efficiency, convenience and profitability for shops that want to make the most of their floor space, workflow and capacity. To reach the fullest expression of productivity, Mazak builds the industry's broadest range of Multi-Tasking machines, each with features drawn from Mazak's long history of pioneering innovation.

Mazatrol Smooth Ai