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Meet our Spare Parts Interpreter

Brett Buntman joined our Spare Parts department last year and by now many of you have already spoken to him.

To help shed light on his role, we recently sat down with Brett to learn more about how he helps our customers.

Brett Buntman

Q: You started working at John Hart last year, what questions did your friends and family ask?

A: They all basically ask the same questions: What does the company do and what is my role there?

I explain the variety of interesting work that John Hart is involved in and how we sell a large variety of CNC machine tools and robotic systems to help Australian manufacturers become world class.

I also explain that my job as a Spare Parts Interpreter involves identifying and providing the correct Mazak replacement parts to John Hart clients and our Mazak service technicians. The inquiries at times get quite complicated when you take into account the age of some of the machines and the many model variations. The satisfaction comes when I have found a solution and there is a happy customer at the end of the day.

Manufacturing is something I am passionate about, and I love the fact that I discover new things from manufacturing every day.

Q: What does a typical day involve for you?

A: On a daily basis, my role involves helping customers, as well as our Mazak service technicians throughout Australia, to find the right replacement parts for their Mazak machines.

We keep the most frequently needed Mazak parts in house for quick turn-around times. However, if a client needs an item we do not have in stock, I have direct online access to Mazak’s global parts inventory system, which allows me to very quickly locate the required parts. In addition, I can ask our resident Mazak engineer, who is only a few steps away from my office, to assist further should it be a particularly complex issue.

In our electronic repair facility, we stock a large range of refurbished and tested Mazak PCB boards, Mazak power supply units, Mazak servo drives, Mazak spindle controllers and monitors. If a customer’s machine is down, we can access this stock immediately, ship it as an exchange unit and get their machine up and running as quickly as possible.

My role encompasses more than spare parts, as I am also involved in communicating with our service technicians, to help clients with machine maintenance, breakdowns and registrations.

I provide a service to meet all our clients’ needs. Whether it is an urgent delivery, a spindle repair, updated pricing and part numbers, asking a service engineer to assist, looking up a part directly on Mazak’s system etc., I am fully engaged in getting results and supporting our customers.

Q: What is the most important part of the job?

A: Finding the correct replacement parts is definitely the most important aspect of my role. You have to consider what a client needs to get their machine up and running, and how we can deliver it to them as quickly as possible. It can be stressful when a customer’s machine is not running, as it is consistently costing them money.

Q: What is the most challenging part of the job?

A: Finding parts for Mazak machines that are old is a huge challenge. These parts are not on Mazak’s current system. When this happens, we always refer back to our manuals. If necessary, we will work with the engineers in Japan to confirm those part numbers. It can take some time, but we always go the extra mile and successfully find our part!

Q: What has surprised you most about John Hart?

A: I am surprised by the reach we have with our Australia-wide service network. With an installed machines base dating back to the 1960's, we have customers in nearly every region of the country. When you look at our in-house Spare Parts and Electronic Repair Facility, I don’t believe anyone in the market can match our overall capability. The John Hart Parts Centre team is marvellous to work with, they are always positive and helpful, with a common goal to drive customer outcomes.

Q: Do you have an interesting story about your job or a customer you helped?

A: During the Christmas and New Year period, while most staff members were on annual leave, I worked together with two of our service engineers to help a client in Western Australia. With tremendous teamwork, good communication, and a strong sense of urgency, the client’s machine was up and running without any loss of production. That’s an example of the John Hart commitment and support you can rely on.

Q: What do you think will change at John Hart over the next five years?

A: I look forward to the adoption of the smart factory concept in Australian manufacturing and our ability to utilise Mazak’s systems to monitor machine performance and provide preventative maintenance. This also includes vast improvements in machine technology through Industry 4.0.

Q: Can you tell me something else about you or your job that I haven’t asked?

A: I have a very strong focus on customer service and delivering results. I sometimes feel inspired to write about it. Check out my recent LinkedIn article about Five Tips for Servicing Clients in ANY Industry.

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