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The new Zoller Venturion 450 is here

The future of production “to hand” – the new Zoller Venturion 450 not only impresses with its new, ergonomic eQ one-hand control handle and a striking look, but also offers everything you need for the networked manufacturing of the future!

Get a Handle on Production: the Evolution of Perfection

The original Zoller one-hand control handle was born in 1988. Often copied but never matched. Until today, it remains the epitome of user-friendly design. Ergonomic and fast – that is what the name eQ stands for on the one-hand control handle for the new Zoller Venturion 450. It does not only have a new look – now it is also been equipped with a practical extra button that can be assigned with a customized function. This makes it even faster and more convenient to execute frequently used applications.

Tool Data at Hand

Ready for the networked manufacturing of the future: Thanks to smart software and the highest safety standards, the presetting and measuring machine offers reliable process security on the machine. Tool data can be reliably transmitted to the machine in a variety of ways, from label to post-processor. The RFID technology guarantees absolute safety. Geometric data (actual tool data) including additional control-specific information is written onto the RFID chip using a tool identification unit on the presetting and measuring machine, then read automatically into the tooling machine.

Now, it is easier than ever to work toward being a “smart factory” with Zoller.