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Continued growth for 3D Printing Studios

Increasing demand for high volume additive manufacturing of high-quality plastic parts has led 3D Printing Studios to invest in a second EOS P 396 for their Sydney facility, just one year after the purchase of their first EOS P 396 Industrial 3D Printer for Plastic Parts.

EOS P 396 Industrial 3D Printer for Plastic Parts installation at 3D Printing Studios 

John Hart engineer finalising installation of the second EOS P 396 for 3D Printing Studios at their Sydney facility.

Howard Wood, joint CEO of 3D Printing Studios previously praised the EOS P 396: “We purchased the EOS because we needed this type of machine to continue our expansion. We have been involved with Additive Manufacturing for a number of years and EOS have a reputation of producing reliable high-quality machines. This machine is renowned for reliability and when we did the ROI it made a lot of sense. It also has a large build area, suitable to our plan for high volume production.”

With total build size of 340 x 340 x 600 mm, the EOS P 396 covers the medium build volume range and sets the manufacturing standard for many industries like Medical, Defence, Aerospace and Lifestyle.

The EOS P 396 - Industrial 3D Printer for Plastic Parts processes an extensive portfolio of thermoplastic materials on an industrial scale, and is acclaimed for reproducible and constant component quality, cost-effective manufacturing and high productivity.

To find out more about how EOS can help you shape the future of manufacturing, please contact your nearest John Hart branch.

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