Mazak FT-150 Fiber Laser

Mazak FT-150 Fiber Laser shown with Loader 6.5 m (21.3') / Unloader 4.5 m (14.8') (Option)
Higher productivity thanks to high-speed and high-quality cutting of small diameter pipe material
CNC Laser Cutting Machine Description

The material handling,laser cutting and unloading of finished workpieces are all performed automatically by just loading material into loading station.

Max. material length for loading 6.5 m (21.3') / 8 m (26.2') Option
Max. material length for unloading 3 m (9.8') / 4.5 m (14.8') Option
Workpiece diameter round pipe Φ 152.4 mm (Φ 6.0")
square pipe □ 125 mm (□ 4.92")

Mazak FT 150 Fiber loader unloader 

Higher speed cutting
  • High-speed acceleration and accuracy functions for small diameter material
  • Fast chuck indexing and high-speed feedrate
  • Reduced time required for piercing
Higher productivity
  • Large capacity bundle loader enables continuous operation over extended periods of time
  • Unloader automatically unloads finished workpieces
  • Auto-profiler calibration, nozzle cleaning, and other automatic functions
CNC Laser Cutting Machine Specification
Mazak FT-150 Fiber Laser Values
Capacity Maximum Cutting Size (Round) 152.4 mm
Maximum Cutting Size (Square) 125 mm
Maximum Workpiece Length (Loading) 6500 mm
Maximum Workpiece Length (Unloading) 3000 mm