Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Mazak- Super-Turbo-X-3015-Fiber
Mazak- Super-Turbo-X-3015-Fiber
Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber Laser offers the same proven design as Mazak Super Turbo-X but upgraded to utilize Fiber Technology
Process: 2D, Hybrid Design
CNC Laser Cutting Machine Description

The proven design of the Mazak Super Turbo-X series has been upgraded with Fiber Technology. With thousands of Mazak Super Turbo-X series installed, combined with over 200 automation cells, the new Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber can be placed into an existing automation cell or in a standalone location. The Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber saves 28% floor space compared to 2 pallet shuttle fiber laser systems.

Designed to integrate Intelligent Setup and Monitoring Functions, the Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber Laser delivers superior performance. It incorporates Mazak Multi Function Torch and Nozzle Changer technology to directly increase the productivity of the end user by allowing the machine to optimize the torch setup automatically per program. This optimization can dramatically improve cut speeds, increase throughput and require less operator intervention, delivering more predictable processing day after day.

Performance Advantages
  • The Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber has been engineered to be utilized with Mazak’s extensive range of automated material handling systems.
  • The new cutting-edge Preview 3 control with 15” touch screen includes integrated tech tables that simplify operation.
  • Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber is available in 2.0kW, 3.0kW IPG Generator configurations.
CNC Laser Cutting Machine Specifications
Mazak Super Turbo-X 2412 Fiber Laser
Capacity Maximum Cutting Size Right/Left 1250 mm
Maximum Cutting Size Longitudinal 2500 mm
Feed Axes Travel (X axis) 2520 mm
Travel (Y axis) 1270 mm
Travel (Z axis) 170 mm